About YnR


Young and Running is a non-partisan program implemented by the Heritage and Legacy Foundation that concerns itself with helping young Nigerians excel in positions of political leadership. We believe that strengthening our democracy must transcend political party affiliation.

We help young people channel their energy, creativity and aspirations to become competent and effective leaders of their future.

The program does this by facilitating networking opportunities and education on democracy.  We ensure that people who can provide the right kind of support to young Nigerians are given a platform to offer such support.

Some of the core areas we want to make impact in such young Nigerians include engagement with civic problems, building political legitimacy, developing robust policy literacy, forming networks and coalitions and participation in advocacy for social change.

We will actively plug them into relevant conversations that will help them form long term interest and passions in thematic areas, broaden their awareness about ongoing efforts by groups and individuals and encourage active participation by them in these efforts.